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Introduction to AdminTim's Topics

Post by AdminTim on Sun Mar 20, 2016 11:36 pm


Whether you join in with an ongoing discussion or start a new one it is helpful to know the study methods that you will see referenced.  They help to honestly question the Bible and to discover that it is without error.  But the English language
is not as rich as the original Biblical languages and accurate transliteration is impossible.  Consequently there is confusion and has been since the tower of Babel.  

Serious study means using a concordance that lists every word in the Bible and gives a definition for each whether in Hebrew (old testament) or Greek (new).  Strong's Biblical Concordance is available free online as are many other helpful resources and ministries.  Concordance reference numbers like (H3068) show the original language ("H" standing for Hebrew or "G" for Greek) and the location of the word's definition in the reference.  Even then you're not done but it is a huge leap forward in understanding.

Individual Hebrew letters correspond to ancient pictograph and using it can be very helpful too.  There is a copy of it under the study "The Tree of God".  Whatever Bible topic you look at using all of these tools help if you really want to know the truth. When you do know it you will discover much more.  

Sadly subtle changes in some Bible translations have occurred.  For instance, the N.I.V. omits some details included in the King James version in Genesis verse (2:4).
It tells about the generations (births) of the heavens and the earth.  In the King James these " new births" are capitalized "Earth", "Heaven", etc.. and because they were it is easy (and accurate) to figure out what things were new to GOD.  What seem like minor omissions become very relevant.   There are also italicized words in the King James that are not original but were added for ease of reading.  In the N.I.V. they are not shown as having been added.  Every dot and tittle is relevant so use accurate translations and read the directions!


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