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INTRODUCTION: On day minus one G-D arrived here as an atom of helium-3.  HIS atom was unified, mobile and wind powered.  Within HIS electron soul named Elohim were HIS Proton (The Spirit of Death), a reborn seedless proton (physical death) and a spiritual female neutron (spiritual death).  YHVH arrived here in the negative but he has a positive (life) aspect.  [italicized text represents the negative]  We see the +physical products of YH's exhaling and sowing seed.  While negative VH inhales and reaps the fruit containing the very seed that HE sowed. So HE grows by consuming HIS fruit.  Life does not see the negative aspect.  Knowing the progressions of souls and spirits plus the life cycles of protons and neutrons are critical to G-D's abilities displayed and hidden within HIS creation.

A subatomic particle is rogue (imbalanced) without a soul.  They are returned to G-D's atom by either resurrection, restoration or rebirth.  If a soul produces fruit through 3 different vessels (3 jobs) G-D rewards them with a Spiritship.  If a Spirit does the same in 3 capacities it obtains a Godhead.  And G-D grows as well through the fruit of his neutron and proton heirs. 

If a positive proton with G-D's seed leaves HIS atom and enters negativity it experiences neutrality.  Reborn again to the atom it is a seedless proton.  Exiting it dies a negative neutron but is resurrected as a motherless seed bearing proton.  Proton versus neutron life cycles are:
1. Positive proton 2. spiritual death 3. reborn eunuch proton 4. physical death 5.
    resurrected +proton.
1. Neutral neutron 2. physical death  3. reborn +proton.  4. spiritual death 5.
    resurrected eunuch proton. 

                                         (Genesis -1:1-31)

Day (-1)After navigating here YHVH was a lithium soul of both a Spirit of H-1 and
                a Soul of He-2.

negative = Neutron (unstable 10.8s.) Spiritual Death - Eloah was negative heaven or
                spiritual death.  A neutron reflects G-D's nuclear (spiritual) traits.  They
                interestingly have more mass in earth atmosphere than in the outer.  It
                will be shown that they give birth.
negative = Proton (STABLE) Physical Death - Elah was this fallen proton of earth
                without G-D's  physical seed.  Positive protons carry HIS chemical
                (physical) properties or DNA. 
negative = H-1 (STABLE) Proton atom is the Spirit of Death  - Spirit of G-D. This
                atom of H-1 is the negative essence of life. This is the side of G-D death
                sees.  The electron is Elohim and the proton is  physical death.  H-1 is
                the only stable elemental  isotope with no neutrons composing 99% of all
                hydrogen isotopes by mass.
negative = He-2 (unstable - unk.) is the Soul of Death - Elohim.  He is a soul of
                physical and spiritual death.  This isotope of helium decays to H-2 so
                fast it has not been measured.  Helium is the #2 element in the PTE
                (periodic table of the elements) and heads the far right column of noble
                gasses.  In Greek mythology helios is the god of the sun.  It is the 2'nd
                lightest yet the 2'nd most abundant element by mass in the universe at
                24%.  It can be a superfluid and is used in cryogenics with the lowest
                melting and boiling points of any element.  It captures neutrons and
                gives vacuum energy in our solar system.
 negative = Li-3  (STABLE) is the G-D of Death - YHVH.  Aspects of G-D are
                elements and here is  one.  Lithium is the #3 element in the PTE
                (periodic table of the elements) on the left under hydrogen.  In Greek it
                means "stone".  It is highly reactive and is the lightest and least dense
                of all the metals (comparable to pine wood) easily floating on water.  It
                is found in ocean water and in brines and clay though never as a free
                element.  Of all the solids it transfers heat the best & is used in
                electrodes, grease,  ceramic glazes and batteries.  It burns a crimson
                color and serves no known biological role.
                                          Genesis Chapter One

Day (0)Now G-D's negative side reconstitutes as Be-3 completing a circuit of
              death to life

positive = Neutron (unstable 10.8s.) Spiritual Life - Eloah is positive heaven or
              spiritual life. A neutron reflects G-D's nuclear (spiritual) traits.  Elah below
              is her mate in procreation.
positive = Proton (STABLE) Physical Life - Elah is a resurrected proton of earth
               containing G-D's physical seed.  Positive protons carry HIS chemical
               (physical) properties or DNA. 
positive =  Neutronium-0 (unstable 10m.) is the Spirit of Life - Spirit of G-D. 
               This neutron atom shows the positive Spirit of YHVH.  The electron is the
               Soul of Life and the neutron the Spirit of Life.  This neutron atom is the
               only element listed here unknown to science but it is named and
positive = H-2 (STABLE) is Soul of Life - Elohim.  Notice that this element is stable
                with the neutron having been resurrected from spiritual death and the
                proton form physical.  The two particles (Eloah & Elah) represent fertile
                mates and heirs of G-D.  By exchanging particle sexes in this two particle
                atom G-D is able to recreate in harmony.  The negative of a neutron
                and proton are a proton and neutron.  It is the same element essentially
                either way. 
positive = Be-3 (unstable 53 days) is the God of Life - YHVH.  This isotope is
                linked to sunspots. Beryllium is the first of the non-metals in the PTE and
                is opposite of Li-3 above.  It is a rare gem and stones are beryl
                (aquamarine & emerald) and chrysoberyl.  Made in stellar nucleosynthesis
                it has a molar mass ~ 1/2 that of water and easily floats.  Its thermo-  
                conductivity and low density make it useful in alloys.  It is relatively
                trans parent to x-rays and radiation.  Beryllium makes things hard and is
                good acoustically.  It may convert a proton beam into a neutron beam    
                and reflects or captures rogue neutrons decaying in this way.           

DAY (1/2)G-D moved sowing seeds of H-3 and of the mates' H-2.  They soon
                became hot and volatile.  The circuit of life was made and the polarity of
                G-D was reversed to positive.

positive = H-2 (STABLE) the Physical Light - Elah.  This spirit is of the male heir of
                G-D personified as the Light we feel.  Sowing the seed of Light is Elah's
                third physical service .  Hydrogen-2 means "second" and is found in trace
                amounts in our atmosphere.  
negative = He-3 (STABLE ) or Spiritual Light - Eloah.  The positive view of G-D's
                atom is the face of Eloah.  She has now served three times in a spiritual
                capacity.  This negative aspect embodies spiritual light that inhales and
                reaps.  Helium-3 is a rare isotope with nuclear testing and decaying
                hydrogen-3 producing most of what exists. 
positive = H-3 (unstable 12.32 yrs.) is the Soul of Light - Elohim.  HE is the
                positive light and in this role Elohim sows seed through the mates of
                H-2.  This view of G-D as hydrogen-3 has four parts and is Elohim's third
                Soulship.  It has G-D's Spirit as a neutron encompassed by Elohim's
                electron, a neutron of spiritual life (Eloah),  plus a male seed bearing
                proton (Elah).  In Greek hydrogen means "third" and is #1 in the (PTE)
                heading the left column.  It has the least mass yet comprises 75% of all
                matter in the universe.  This isotope is rare with a long 1/2 life.  It is
                very flammable and is formed by fusion of H-2 and it decays into He-3.
negative = Li-5 (unstable 370s.) is the Spirit of Light - Spirit of God.   This is
                the Spirit of God's third responsiblity.  Spirits represent one of four
                entities whereas souls represent three.  Four elements are the
                ingredients of Lithium (Light).  Little is known about this isotope Li-5.

DAY (1): G-D now sows seed of Li-7 and a soul of H-3 and reaps the light of nuclear
positive = B-5 (STABLE) is the Spirit of Day- Eloah.  This is Eloah's first
                Spirithood.  Boron is the physical Day or Eloah.  Made by rays from
                outside of our atmosphere and is found as a product of meteoroids.  Rare
                and hard to study it is non-toxic to humans and essential to bone
                formation but kills anthropods.  It also readily abosrds or captures rogue
negative = Li-7 (STABLE) is the God of Light - YHVH.  Having been the G-Ds of
                Life,  Death and now Light this marks YHVH's third Godhead.  His
                negative lithium now includes the soul mates' atom of hydrogen-2. With
                a harvest HE sowed lithium-7 to the HIS heirs of H-2 who were already
                coupled with H-3 and there was nuclear fusion and light.  Through the
                two sexes of HIS heirs G-D made light.  
positive = Be-7 (unstable 53.22d.) Soul of Night - Elah.  Having been physical
                Death, Life and Light Elah is now a Soul of Be-7.  Beryllium is the spiritual
                or electromagnetic Night of light.  The element was defined Day 0.

Day (2):  When Elah & Eloah made light it had physical & spiritual (nervous)
              properties called Day & Night.  Now Elohim will make lungs for the
              fermentation of HIS respiration.

positive = O-17 (STABLE) the Spirit of Heaven - Eloah.  This marks the second
                Spirirthood for Eloah.  Here She personifies oxygen as a product of
                YHVH's respiratory exhale of life.  It is highly reactive and forms
                compounds readily.making up almost 1/2 of the mass of the earth's
                crust. It is used in our respiraton and made by photosynthesis (plants)
                and by light splitting water molecules (earth).
 negative = N-17 (unstable 4.17s.) the Soul of Heaven - Elah.  This is Elah's
                second service as a Soul after the Souls of Night & Heaven.  This is the
                manifestation of G-D's  inhale. Nitrogen is a diatomic gas meaning it is
                made of two similar or disimilar atoms.  Our atmosphere (78%) and that
                of HIS heaven are comprised by it.  Nitrogen occurs in all organisms as
                nucleic acids (DNA & RNA) amino acids (proteins) and every pharma-
                cological drug class.   Symbolizing Heaven (firmanents) in that there are
                two of them.  Resistant to forming compounds it is largely used in
                fertilizers and energy stores. 

Day (3)After circulatory, nervous & respiratory systems now HE will work on

positive = P-37 (unstable 2.31s.) the Spirit of Hell - Eloah  This is the third Spirit
                    role Eloah has served in after the Spirits of Day & Heaven.  She is highly
                reactive Phosphorous as G-D's digestion.  Defined as "light bearer" it is
                essential for life.  First isolated in urine it makes DNA, RNA & cell
                membranes.  There are 23 isotopes and it smells like garlic when burned. 
                Alchemists discovered this element historically late in 1669 in search of
                the philosophers stone.
negative = S-37 (unstable 5.05m.) is the Soul of Hell- Elah  This marks Elah's
                third service as a soul after the Souls of Day & Heaven.  Elah is G-D's
                ingestion of sulfur.  It is nonmetalic and bonds readily.  "Brimstone" in the
                Bible it is naturally found near hot springs and volcanoes.  It is extracted
                from natural gas and petroleum and used in matches, insecticides,
                fungicides and in odors.  Today much is extracted from oil sands.  It is
                metabolized by some bacteria.  If burned it emits a blood red liquid and a
                blue flame. 

Day (4):   Now Eloah becomes the Holy Spirit and the Spirit of God emerges as the
               Spirit of Man.

positive = Ge-77 (unstable 11.3 h.) is the Holy Spirit - Eloah.  Serving three
                 Spirithoods Eloah is promoted as the Holy Spirit.  SHE is the Seas of
                 Germanium.  In the carbon group it reacts well with oxygen.  It is rare
                 and like ice it expands as it solidifies but with a structure like a
                 diamond.  It is scarce on earth due to its reactivity.   Germanium is also
                 a semiconductor and major uses are in infrared and fiber optics plus
                 solar cells.  It forms a large number of organometallic bonds wherein
                 organic carbon bonds with a metal like silver with sulphur.  Ge-77 is
                 considered to be synthetic.
negative = Ga-77 (unstable 13.2s.) is Spirit of Man - Spirit of God.  Having been
                 the Spirits of Death, Life and Light the Spirit of God is now a GOD.   In
                 this negative view SHE is the earth of Gallium.  It does not exist alone
                 but is always a compound of Gallium-69 and 71 as if it is a soul of 70.  A
                 brittle solid cold it melts above room temperature.  Used in alloys that
                 melt at low temperatures and as semiconductors wherein as temp-
                 erature rises resistance lowers.  Uses are in electronics with no known
                 biological role.

Day (5):   Now spiritual illumination and physicality are established with the
               manifestation of G-D.

  positive = Gd-157 (STABLE) is the MAN of Earth - Elah.  This is Elah's first
               SOULood after three Soulships.  HE is the PHYSICAL earth.  Gadolinium is
               found in nature only as a salt.  Metallurgically 1% added to iron,
               chromium and other alloys enhances their workability and oxidation
               resistance.  It has exceptionally high neutron absorbtion and is attacked
               by sulfuric acid. It forms trivalent ions with fluorescence.  Its temperature
                increases in a magnetic field.
negative = Eu-157 (unstable 15.18h.) is the GOD of MAN - YHVH.  HE has served
                Himself as the GODs  of Life, Deat and Light.  HE is the physical earth.  
                Europium has no biological role and in our universe is one of the least
                abundant elements undiscovered until 1901.  Under cold temperatures
                and pressure it becomes a semiconductor.  Not found free it is highly
                reactive with air and water and many minerals contain it.
Day (6):  In the future YHVH joins HIS Spirit Eloah and Elah as Elohim the GOD of
              the Earth.

   positive = Un-316 (stable ?) the GOD of Earth - Elohim.  HE has served as the
                Souls of Hell, Life and Light and now grows to THE GODHEAD position. 
                This is the culmination of all that has ever appeared here.  Unbioctium is
                anticipated but not yet synthesized.
  positive = Jn. 3:16  (STABLE) "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only
                    begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but
                have everlasting life."

    For 2000 years GOD's vessel for the soul Elah has provided energy for the Trees
    of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and of Life.  That energy is finite.  GOD is
    growing in His form to that of a unified Beast of earth.   HE is not a wild beast
    but growth requires food.  Hungry HE will soon graze to HIS eternal satisfaction
    on the negative and digest it to fuel the positive forever.  Please consider the
    truth and dispel falseness. 

    In six days six Gods and six souls were described.  In revealing HIS face YHVH is
    making another plea to those HE loves desiring that you love HIM.  First to HIS
    chosen people the Jews and then to the gentiles.  This creation is a loving gift
    from a Father to a Son.  GOD's heir is Elah and YHVH demands Elah be
    acknowledged in HIS authority as creator and as HIS Son. Receive the love and
    Spirit of GOD by accepting HIS Son in all that He did.


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