Growing a garden

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Growing a garden

Post by AdminTim on Sat Apr 23, 2016 11:22 am

We all know we are to emulate GOD as much as possible.  But I think it is easy to overlook Genesis Chapter two and the importance of a garden in the life of GOD.
HE made the effort to visit HIS every morning.  Why?

Life wakes up in the morning to enjoy the Day.  GOD reveals his positive aspects in the daylight as he awakens from the negative.  We grow a garden as a soul within us if we nourish the seeds of GOD (scripture).  If you are able to grow a physical outdoor garden it will reflect the condition of your soul...seriously.  Watch it and see how GOD moves within it.  Or care for your lawn and shrubs and flowers.  If you can't grow a physical garden grow a plant or plant(s) and care for them.  Take them outdoors to enjoy the insects, birds, wind and rain and sun.  Do the same for your soul.

In today's world this sounds hoaky.  The negative culture of our society(s) rob us
of the things that were known to men before religion stole it from us.  Go back to your first love and get outside to smell, taste, feel, hear, see and sense GOD.


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