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This TREE is a place of refreshment and good things.  We are not here to try
and chop it down orpoison it.  That said it has some hard bark and any
honest Biblical inquiry or comments won't hurt.

1. Have fun and accept Biblical based opinions while seeking to find GOD's truth.
2. Post new topics in the forum that best fits your content.
3. Keep with the first post in a thread when commenting on an existing topic!!!  
4. Start new threads for new topics!!!
5. Include your 5 digit zip code in your username.
6. Please monitor content and anonymously report questionable material.  
7. Adhere to requests from Moderators and AdminTim.

We don't ever want to use it but we do hold the power of the sword to
divide asunder those who may not adhere.  But lets unify and accomplish
great things!

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