Dropping the ball

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Dropping the ball

Post by AdminTim on Wed Mar 23, 2016 1:37 pm

I was graphed into the tree or I would have never sought God by faith or otherwise.  He persisted to the point that I became exhausted and hungry (think rat in a cage).  I see now that it was religion that I ran from.  When I inevitably let hm feed me I saw that was not HIM.  HE is Spirit and I was sanctified by as a child by what I thought was a ghost. Twenty years ago on March 26'th, 1996 HE gave me the impetus for the message given here but I let doubt and negativity (people) deny it.   I dropped the ball while breaking away in the open field and Coach turned HIS face.  But HE knew I would as we always do.   HE knew that it takes two negatives to make a positive.  Even Halll of Famers like Himself fumbled but by recovering they became intensely positive.  

After the suffering that comes with denial HE has returned HIS message to me.  Now I will strategically pass
the ball confident HIS team will embrace it and in unity share in the joy and hardship of the impending victory.  


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